Lil Tay comes with music video, month after reported death


(Telon News) – The 14-year-old rapper, whose true name is Claire Hope, can be seen in a number of sequences highlighting her opulent way of life in the song video.

Lil Tay became well-known in 2018 thanks to stunning Instagram videos showing off her lifestyle and money.

Just one month after her family posted a later-deleted announcement of her death on Instagram, she reappears.

Fans were stunned by the statement, but it appears that it was all part of her huge comeback plan.

Similar to her popular TikTok videos, Lil Tay can be seen dancing in front of fancy cars in the new song video. The video also features her mother Angela Tian and older brother Jason Tian.

Representatives for Lil Tay released a statement confirming her comeback, adding, “Lil Tay is back, not only to social media, but with a big single and music video.”

I’m back,” Lil Tay said to her followers in a recent Instagram Live video. I’m outing everybody. Years have passed while I’ve studied and honed my art in preparation for this time.

She also disclosed that she used her time off of social media to hone her writing, singing, musical instrument playing, and dancing abilities.

Fans of Lil Tay were shocked and delighted by her sudden comeback because they thought she had retired from the spotlight permanently.


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